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A BASIC Letter:

BASIC was started 2001, an affiliated project of SJBCI’s Young Believers, and a personal vision for today’s youth. 

This year, 2008, the event is spearheaded by one of the YB’s, Genesis, assisted by a fellow YB, Sarah.  God has really impressed in their hearts this great task of coordinating an important event that is not only educational, but one that holds great potential for evangelism to today’s youth, specifically targeting the collegiate arena. 

A writer and apologist, Mike Lacona, the author of the award winning book, “The Case of the Resurrection Jesus,” is our guest speaker this year.   We are also blessed with two speakers from the Pennsylvania-South Jersey Baptist Convention, Rev. Stan Williams and Brian Musser.  The venue will take place in the Grand Ballroom at Rowan University, hoping to attract many collegiate students, as well as accommodate a greater number of people. 

This task requires a lot of prayers for so many things- our YB, the speakers, the praise leaders, and esp. the visitors.  We ask that you partner with us in our endeavor and continue to uphold this event in your prayers.

We also open our YB alumni (& friends/supporters/church group) to help us financially, in donating whatever you desire to give.  bankThis event is partially funded by the YB budget, but seeks to ask for help because of the limited funds for the rest of the year’s activities.  The budget for BASIC is one we can’t shoulder alone, so we are reaching out to those who want to volunteer financial gifts.  At the end of the BASIC event, you’ll be given an update as to the details of the program as our appreciation and reminder of your generosity. 

What God has started in the YB, He’s still powerfully continuing in this generation’s YB, and just be assured that your help really makes an impact.  As one of their advisors, I personally am SO proud of how they’re serving and working for God’s glory.  Praise God for the things He’s doing in the group that you started/continued.

To give a donation, please contact: 
[email protected]
send a check to Genesis Guevarra
or email her to get a mailing address

please note that the deadline for donations is July 20.

For more information on BASIC 2008, please visit the Official Page:  BASIC2008

History of BASIC…

Spring of 2001, a desire to gather some of the youth together from SJBCI for very early morning prayer meetings became a weekly commitment. These 7am gatherings, composed of simple worship songs on the guitar, Bible devotions, and prayer time, catalyzed a new desire to bring that same intimate joy of worshipping God to a bigger level. The vision of gathering different youth groups from the tristate area, to devote a day to singing praise and worship songs, and hearing testimonies and God’s Word, manifested into the first BASIC event.

The venue for the first BASIC was at the SJBCI building. Various praise bands led the youth congregation in several praise sessions throughout the event. Two testimonies were shared as encouragement, with their peers testifying relatable issues they’ve faced, with God’s goodness in their lives. The event concluded with God’s Word, following with an altar call for salvation.

The first BASIC was never intended, from our perspective, to be a stepping stone for more BASICs for the following years, but God surely blessed what He started that year. Subsequently, after much prayer and planning the next year, the attendance for BASIC 2 doubled, and again for its 3rd year. Every BASIC became an event in which people could really pour their hearts out in worship, in songs, in their prayer. Different groups collaborated to lead worship, more people willingly shared their testimonies, and God’s Word, each year through the sermons, were yearly challenges to know God more.

Definably, BASIC is a heart’s cry. Every year, there’s always a need for today’s youth, and God is the one to satisfy. BASIC is just another vessel for God to use, and truly, it’s really by God’s grace that with each new BASIC event, there is something new. Simply, it’s a day to devote time to glorify Him and then just listen.

-Marchesa Ababa

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