"Sing the Sad Song"

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One of the memories I keep for her.

Em’s REALLY fast w/ learning new songs, so I try to teach her the songs I want her to grow up with.  One of my favorite hymns is Amazing Grace, so one night, while tucking her in for bed, I asked her to listen to a song.  Curiously, she listened to the first verse.  To my surprised amazement, she said, “sad song mamam,” and I saw that slow progression of her lip quivering into a full blown cry.

I honestly never thought a 2’10 month old can be emotionally moved by a song, but true enough, my little daughter cried at first hearing Amazing Grace.

Amazing Grace.
How sweet the sound.
That saved a wretch like me.
I was once lost.
But now I’m found.
Was blind,
But now I see.”

It might have been the melody; it might have been her understanding that someone was lost and blind, but then found and was given sight.  Nonetheless, it warmed my heart that something in the song caused her to feel strongly.

Now, every night since then, she specifically asks me to sing the “sad song.”  And tonight, without my incitement, she tried to sing it with me. 🙂

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