summer wishes

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I’m a sucker for flowers…no lie- not really “floral” patterns, but applique and embellishments.  So I’ve definitely been crushing on these two summer items:

asandalsflowerFirst. The sandals.  I’m a big wedge fan for the summer but when I saw these, I couldn’t stop thinking about them.  These were worthy enough to put in my favorites list.  Ivory thong sandals w/ huge flower embellishments?  They definitely scream me.  They also scream $328 so I doubt you’ll see me wearing them any time soon.AquagardenMaillot

Then there’s the flower maillot.  When I first saw this onepiece, I instantly crushed on its summer subtle hues, distracting yet ever flattering ruching, and yes- the flowers!  I’m really a fan of the one piece- esp. very vintage cuts, but I love this for its unique look.  Its uniqueness also costs you around $298, so you won’t see me being too unique for now… hahah… but they’re pretty merciful in their sales, so it’s not completely an impossibility.

*sigh…flowers…they really are a girl’s weakness. esp. this girl’s weakness… I truly am a sucker for flowers.

retails: $298-$328
status: in my dreams

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