"Let’s Go Fly a Kite"

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P1010334 we bought her first kite @ TARGET for $3. 

She’s been wanting a kite since the beginning of spring, so when I found this ultra cute child’s kite for $3, I quickly bought it and surprised her with it.  With jubilant excitement, she was able to fly her first kite, lovingly handled by her Tatay who flew it w/ ease.  I’m not too good w/ kites, and even my memory fails to remember the last time I flew a kite.

But today, after working, Perze took Em out, despite allergies.  They hit the park and took Mary Poppin’s advice and indeed go out and “fly a kite.”  Their second outing on the same day, I decided to tag along to be their personal photographer.

For more pictures on their kite adventure, please visit our photo gallery for the complete album.

Neat kite sites:
Target Kites
How To Fly a Kite

some random pictures:

P1010373 P1010382

P1010376 P1010343 P1010381

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