Pinoy Musik Festival

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Shamefully enough, I’m not very up to date on the Filipino music scene.  I admit the horror I feel when sometimes I watch Filipino game shows like WowWowWee, because I honestly feel there’s such a resonance of many cultural ideals that don’t sit well with me.  Don’t get me wrong, the show is funny, but even my sisters agree w/ me on the superficial archetypes that I wish they could just get over to make their shows more real.

Filipinos are incredibly talented, funny, personable, but there are just some media aspects that I would change.  But that’s just me…

Pinoy-08-Homepage-CRX_07 With that said,  yesterday, I was excited to meet up w/ some friends when I heard about Pinoy Musik Festival, a concert featuring many Filipino music artists, including MYMP, a personal favorite sound of mine (thanks Lei for the holler). Other performers included Sam Milby, Kris Lawrence, Divo Bayer, and even the comical duo- Porkchop, all of whom I am CLUELESS about (sadly enough).

But as a viewer, I do admit that my favorite was still MYMP, because of their simple acoustic sound, and her melodic voice.  The others sang well enough, but I’ve heard people sing like them before, and the same songs.  I was waiting for original songs and sound, but everything was a cover, except for very few songs. Again, they were good singers, but along w/ my present company, we were ready to leave after hearing MYMP.


Dinner covered the rest of the late night, with the generous friend Michelle introduced us to- Kevin.  So if Kevin is reading this, a gracious thanks is in udder (pardon the pun, I don’t mean to be punny).  However, despite the delicious dinner, Perze woke up with some abdominal pain, probably due to severe indigestion, thus canceling our trip to SJ….yikes!  But aside from that, we had a fun night…and yummy- thanks to mama sita, halo halo, and red lobster.

note: today, my friend Chermaine will be singing there for a competition, so good luck cherms!  Thanks for the invite.  Wish I could be there!

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