First Panties

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so ninang chelle and i accompanied emma to her first panty shopping trip.

YES! I said it-   P A N T I E S. 

We went to Gymboree to choose Emma’s first panties since she’s now toilet trained.  She uses the toilet in the morning and at night, she still uses her diaper.  So in the mornings, we want her to get used to wearing panties.  How comfortable!  Every female knows that panties are one of those simple pleasures- adding to your individual style- whether boy shorts or thongs. hahaha

So Ninang chose one, Mama chose one, and Em chose one:


Gymboree amply provides panties for 2T/3T which is very convenient because I went to TARGET to look for some and didn’t find any.  Their designs are so cute too, making even boy shorts panties, like the middle one. 

So today is the FIRST day Emma is wearing her panties.  Can you guess which ones? 

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