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jcrew. T H E   D R E S S .

So i got word that my bridesmaid dress was ready. 

The first time I tried this on, the woman suggested that I order the size I tried on, but instead, I persisted and ordered a size down since I knew I was losing weight.  True enough, today, I tried on that “size down” and it fit!  Not just fit, but it was a little loose, which means by wedding time, I’ll have lost even more weight. high five.

Last week, an even MORE added treat, the bride shot the good news that she had already paid the remaining balance- half of the price.  This was AFTER the couple treated us out to a Mother’s Day dinner…it was truly a thoughtful gesture!   Maybe I can go get my makeup done now or get my hair did…;) haha.

Thanks Rog & Lei.
You didn’t have to, so we truly appreciate your generosity.


. T H E   P A R T Y .

Last Saturday, we were able to shower the bride&groom-to-be to a Jack & Jill party.  I came up w/ all the games and the rest of the ladies bought the prizes and decorations.  Their families graciously provided ample delicious Filipino food that I sadly didn’t have enough time to eat because of the program.  The bride also provided for the favors, so it made it much easier for the 4 bridesmaids.  It’s tough when you only have a small number of bridesmaids, but with their families giving so much, were were able to concentrate on the program, which was saturated with so many games that we didn’t even get to all of them.  So we decided to save some for the wedding games.  Great job to the bridesmaids who each took a job.  The party was a huge hit, extremely fun, entertaining, and on a very practical budget.

I think what made the games fun were the people, who were so game w/ the activities…I mean, the ladies made me laugh out loud, and even the men had their share of the games.  We also made sure there were Rogie and Leila games, just to embarrass them, esp. the pepper game for Rog, a personal favorite of mine.  I used a lot of original ideas and incorporated some old ones.

We ended up leaving around 11pm, lingering just to chat up and enjoy the peacefulness that contrasted from the chaos of the day.  I’m really proud of them for keeping so laid back and grounded during their planning and all the busyness. 

For the complete album of the Wedding Shower, click on the link.
Their website: www.RogieAndLeila.com

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