i <3 mother’s day 08

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i love mother’s day.
or…. “mamam’s day” according to zem.

I know this is a little late, but the weekend’s been extremely busy!  But I want to thank God for such great mothers in my life:

my mom, who is a strong, generous, and sacrificial example of a wonderful mom,
my nanay, who I admire for such humility and grace,
my sister steph, for being such a wise & devoted wife and mother,
my sister zen, for being a strong and faithful woman.

I also want to thank God for my husband who showers me with such doting acts of love, for being the husband I can admire and rely on when I can’t be strong or reasonable, and for being a great doting dad to my little heart named Emmanuelle.

P1010263I was greeted the morning w/ a lovely excited father and daughter, ready to give me their present that I implored them not to buy.  But like every year, my husband always goes off in secret to buy and hide my gift.  This year, I got my first set of pearls.

pearlsI proudly wore it to Sunday’s Mother’s Day Service.  They are really beautiful.  Em always looks at them and tells me that they were her present. 

Sunday service was dedicated to mothers- the sermon especially, so it was nice to stand up there with some great moms, thinking of my own as they can’t be there with me.

Then for dinner, we met up w/ our friends Rog&Lei @ Penang who generously treated us to a delicious dinner and dessert.  It’s always nice to chat up w/ them…God bless their giving friendship to us.

for the complete album on my mother’s day weekend, click on this link.

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