tonight & tomorrow

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what an extremely great weekend. i’m so excited for mother’s day tomorrow. and i had a laugh out loud time w/ the shower today.  we stayed late to just chat up and laugh over the day’s happenings. the games were original, and i wish everything was video taped. the people were so hilarious.

the only thing that saddens me is that my family left for the phils. today.  long flights and extended trips always worry me, so i’m just asking our twelvesixteen readers to just offer a prayer for their safety. even as i type, emma said, “lolo leave.”  she’s so aware that her grandparents aren’t where they usually are.  i wonder how she’ll adjust, not being able to see them for a month.

ok that’s it. i just wanted to blog those 3 things. but honestly, i had a really genuine fun time tonight.

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