No Deal! Philippine Edition

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Last night, Howie Mandel and his crew decided to pack up their bags and visit the Deal or No Deal set in the Philippines. You have the usual fanfare showcasing the culture and the awesome food .. Balut was a $10,000 challenge.

One thing really bothered me with that show. If they went to any particular country, they should have at least asked the locals to participate. Man, some of those people will be very happy in winning $5,000. I was imagining while the contestants were celebrating because they opened a case worth $20,000 someone in the audience was probably crying because that would be years worth of salary. Even $200 would mean a lot.

I bet those contestants had the time of their lives while they were there. Would have been more if they gave something back. And lastly, what in the world was Kris Aquino doing just standing around muttering “1 Million is still in play” in her annoyingly high pitched voice.

Don’t mind me, I’m just ranting.

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