Congrats, MKristie on your Graduation!

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do you remember your commencement speech?

i readily admit that i do not. and having three other siblings doesn’t make it any easier to remember theirs either.  but there’s always something moving when you listen to them, or the first fifteen minutes thereof.  there is always that essential hope and possibility for greatness for your generation.

this weekend, the whole family drove up to attend the last graduation of the fabila family.  yes, my little sister kristie graduated w/ a BS in graphic arts with honors of summa cum laude.  we are so proud of her.


that’s her, celebrating after having received her diploma.  i ran all the way from the back of the nosebleed section, to the very bottom front arena near the stage so i can capture this photo.  thank goodness for optical zoom. 

she’s really maintained a level of scholastic responsibility that amazes me.  since her childhood, and despite having five years between us, i’ve always felt she’s surpassed my creativity level in so many ways, but now, i proudly say that she also surpasses scholastic maturity.  college is filled w/ deadlines and exponentially more distractions, so i’m very proud of her for keeping grounded in her studies, as well as nurturing the person that my parents raised, and upholding moral standards.  i admire my siblings very much, and i admire only a very few…

this weekend, she’s achieved a momentous milestone that i hope will only be the beginning of what she wants to accomplish in her career.  i also hope that it is added foundation to who she will become as a person, for we know we’re not merely  shaped by the degree that we finish with, but how we’ve adapted the method of learning and the further extractions of our continuous learning.

God bless you lub. we are so proud of you, with more than just your honors and degree.

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