Barking Up The Wrong Tree

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Last week was particularly rough for the Ababa household. It was like a sickatorium in our lowly apartment with Marchesa juggling roles as Mother, Wife, Doctor, Nurse, Chef and Patient. Emma had her bout of colds, I was diagnosed with Bronchitis, Marchesa was succumbing to the pressures of being sick and the weather was as sad as we were.

I was contemplating in staying at home over the weekend since we originally planned to drive up to Boston for Kristie’s Graduation but decided against it because it’s better to be sick and with your family than being sick and be alone. Honest. Well it turned out to be for the better since Mom, Dad, myself and Tita Son were all sick and our hotel room sounded like a dog pound. People were just coughing up until the wee hours of the morning. It really was a symphony to be heard and I hope that none of us will hear that ever again.

It was overcast and it rained the whole time we were there. It was definitely a weird weekend weather-wise but bottomline we saw Kristy graduate as Summa cum Laude. It doesn’t come every generation, and I’m very proud of her. I just hope that one day Emma will have the same drive for education.

Its funny how the men in this family are the ones that don’t have Laudes’. 😉 Maybe the Hongs will change that.

PS. I have no idea why I used the above title. Don’t bother me I’m still sick.

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