Vaja iPhone Cases

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i was looking for girly “clothes” for my iphone, esp. hello kitty covers, but the only ones i’ve seen were pretty tacky. might as well just put stickers on it. so i decided to shop around, like i shop for shoes, and found the ultimate skins from, called i-volution:



yes. i want the pink one w/ all the girly goodness of swirls and dots.  but this desire isn’t as easy to obtain.  this girly goodness starts at $220! 

ninja, what?!

yes, that’s the starting price.  the reason for the “starting” price is that it’s customizable.  you can choose your colors, name engraving, graphic icon engraving, mode of taking over the world…etc…  ok, not the last one, but for $220, i was kind of hoping they’d throw in a cook and cleaning lady.  noted, i did have a vaja case before for my Palm Zire (a present from my indulging husband), and it was pricey, but it wasn’t starting at $220.  but with customization of your Vaja case, with so much styles to choose from, you really get what you want, from different leathers and protection options.  the good news is that there are some cases for the iPhone that start at $60. 

also, it’s not just for iPhones.  they sell cases for just about the most popular tech gadgets/phones/laptops, even the MacAir.

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