a hairy situation: phone tattoo

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Far-Out Green Gadgets (© PC World)

Far-Out Green Gadgets (© PC World)

Finally, A Useful Tattoo
In this concept design for the Core77 contest, Jim Mielke of the United States really pushed the boundaries of his imagination. When the cell phone rings, you push a small dot on your arm. A 2-by-4-inch tattoo with the image of the cell phone’s digital display then appears. Answer the call by pushing one of the tattoo’s buttons. When you’re done, the tattoo disappears. And best of all, you’d never leave this phone in your jeans in the washer.

i found this on msn.com from top 13 “Green” Gadgets.

my question is,
if you don’t mind:

” will hairier people have hairier cell phones?? “

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