Hungry, much?

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i was doing so well on my diet, so well. what happened?

simple. my husband.

For the past 4 days, he’s been home because of fever, cold, allergies, sore throat…etc. The bug has definitely infected our home, with perze and em being the sole targets.  Since I do most of the cooking, my generous husband, despite being sick, took the task upon himself and cooked me my favorite dishes all weekend.  What makes my palate salivate? Basically, fried stuff…hahaha. He cooked me pork inihaw (with lemon)! Heaven, folks, for Filipinas.  I’m certain that in heaven, pork inihaw is cooked by iron chef king david.  Then he cooked fried fish (w/ side soy sauce & lemon dip)- definitely one of my favorites!

Then he cooked kare-kare.  And for those who really know me, i LOVE peanut butter. If you’re not filipino, you’ll prolly think it odd that we’d pair beef w/ peanut sauce, but allow me to school you.  It’s creamy sauce on white rice w/ soft pressure cooked beef is delicious.  Granted, it depends who makes it.  I’ve had some pretty whacked kare kare that was more than 3 levels of wrong, but I was pleasantly happy that my husband was able to cook it the way i like it.   Lastly, before the day he had to go back to work, he cooked me a mountain of pork belly inihaw, mainly because I challenged him and said I could eat it every day. hahaha.

Cooking is a big thing when you get married. I admit the only thing i had on my wedding resume was Spam, so I’m pretty happy that if perze and i were to throw a get together at our place, we’d have a pretty good grip on the menu, WITHOUT having to distribute doggy bags.

Some great online sources for Filipino recipes:


note: to my sick husband. thank you for the deliciousness! you know me so well.

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