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So we went to B&N yesterday to get us and emma into the habit of reading, giving her more of an exposure to books, and allowing her to see perze and me in reading mode.  They recommend this to encourage children to read by modeling.  I also took this opportunity to read her books on using the toilet.  I specifically asked for this book, 

Once Upon A Potty by Alona Frankel:


it’s catered to boys or girls, with surprising anatomy lessons, and funny words like pee pee and poo poo.  admittedly, the people sitting next to us moved one table away because of the “graphic content” that was being discussed. but by the end of the book when the toddler successfully pooped a nicely shaped feces into the white pristine bowl, emma was in giddy content, clapping and hailing praises!  it was hilarious.

now when she has to urinate, she’ll tell us, or if it’s easy enough to pull her own pants down, she’ll go by herself!  we’re so proud of her. this week is devoted to the potty.  hopefully by next week, we’ll be able to post a blue ribbon of expertise that she can include in her toddler resume, along w/ jumping off levels twice her height.


good toilet training sites:

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