WordPress 2.5.1 and Lightview Awesomeness

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I finally got the chance to upgrade to the latest version of WordPress which contains 70+ fixes! Upgrade now. Please!

Earlier this week, Stephanie brought to our attention the capabilities of Lightbox/Slimbox image overlay feature for wordpress. This is a very cool plugin but the problem isthat it totally screws up your posts in IE7. I tried checking out the wordprex codex plugins list if they have other variations that work in IE7 and thats when I found Lightview Plus. it does the same exact thing that Lightbox does but it runs perfectly in IE7.

The other cool feature that l installed was the Cleaner WordPress Gallery Plugin. This thing is a beauty. Using the native wordpress admin interface, starting at version 2.5, wordpress now has a built-in image gallery manager. But I must admit, its got nothing on coppermine photo gallery and its kinda primordial compared to existing galleries. With the above mentioned plugin coupled with Lightview now I can do this;

More Emma Pictures. Click on any of the images and you’ll see what I mean.

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