GO Int. GOes Romper?

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41iKBuAolsL__SS384_ i wanted to love this, i did. i’m SUCH A BIG FAN of the jumpsuits. (mainly because no one wears it yet). but it’s definitely in trend in designer wear- the unhoochie, non-skintight kind.

but the obvious reason it didn’t work was the polyester/satin material.  it’s not that it wasn’t comfortable; the problem was that when tried on, it was too comfortable that i automatically thought, “hmmmm…i want to go to sleep in it.”  this basically confirmed my initial thought when my husband thought it was some sort of pajama apparel.

i wanted to love it and justify it’s material so i slipped on my MK platform pumps to give it some edgy- ‘no this is not my jammy’ look to it.

the cut was great. the fit and looseness was perfect. i loved the little pedal pusher shorts, merciful draw string waist, and demure unhoochie top w/ quarter length sleeves.  but it still looked like i was going to a sleepover (with gorgeous MK platform pumps).

i wanted to love it. it would have been perfect, but alas, it’s definitely a return.  otherwise, it would have looked classy and cute.  but if you’re 5’9, a model, AND weighing at 90 lbs. with a high end car, totally go for it…but then you probably would skip this altogether and shop at SAKS. nerd.

source: TARGET
price: $44
status: return

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