she loves to paw-ty!

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for two days now, we’ve been trying boot camp potty training for emma.

calm down. it’s not a real program. but we’ve been letting her use her “panties”…those over-the-diaper panties that dresses usually come with for toddlers/infants.  the operative idea is “no diapers.”

first day: 0/6 (boooo…hisssssssss)
second day: 3/6 yay!!

the first time she did it, she told us she had to use the toilet, so we rushed, and she successfully streamed the goodness into the potty.  the second and third time, she managed to follow through protocol ALL BY HERSELF. 

i was sooooooo proud. it’s like she graduated college with a double minor, and not in wine tasting.  the look of pride on her face was priceless; she tried to prove that she could do it again and again right after the initial pee…but she still has yet to know that it takes a wee bit of water for a bit of wee…wee.

but yay! she’s off to grade school….um…in a couple of years…but now at least we know they can take her…cuz apparently, your kid needs to be potty trained for those places. geeee…the pressure. (no pun intended).

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