Memorex iMove Boom Box for iPod – Mi3005

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i was fortunate enough to find this in the clearance racks for $34, so I tried it out for my iphone:


Memorex iMove Boom Box for iPod – Mi3005

surprisingly it even works on my iphone, being able to charge it while playing my tunes and yes- even videos.  the sound quality is great, being able to amplify from the iphone itself while adding the boombox’s sound.  it gets pretty loud.  the only thing to keep in mind if you’re using your iphone is turning the “phone” option off cuz it’ll cause static since the speakers and phone signals coincide.

i love it though because now my child can watch her favorite movies on it, with full sound. the only thing i wish was different was that it was stable and even if standing on its side, because when watching a video, you have to turn the iphone horizontal.

also, i love how it has the option to use batteries instead of an outlet, even though it does come w/ an a plug out! that rocks since you can take it anywhere, and charge your i-whatever ANYWHERE!

this thing also comes with crazy numerous attachments for differnt types of i-toys so you can mount it and use it. it’s basically compatible for the itouch, iphone, ipod, ivideopod, ishuffle, inano, iyounameit!

it’s pretty near darn fabulous.

i say near because the only thing i can’t get is the tuner reception, which is pretty weak…booo…but you didn’t look for a tuner radio did you? no…you were looking for speakers for your i-toy.  so for $69-$79?  umm….eh…maybe (since there are a lot more expensive ones out there), but if you happen to catch it on clearance, it’s a definite Heck to the Yeah.

it’s not like those really portable minispeakers the size of nicole ritchie, but hey, it’s got a handle, it’s small enough, has great sound, AND is compatible with just about any mp3 toy you and your friends have…so everyone can just about use it and share great music!

source: TARGET
retail: $69.99
bought: $34
status: own

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