chevy’s convert?

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yesterday was the first time i went to chevys restaurant.  ya. tex mex. not really my thing.  i remember going to a mexican restaurant when i was in middle school for some type of school trip (to study mexican food?) and i just remember not liking it.  that was the last time i went to a tex mex restaurant, with of course the exception of taco bell.

it ended up being a great experience…more spicy than i usually take it, but perze started me off with crab/lobster quesadillas. YUUUUUUM. most of the time, we always try the seafood appetizers- esp. anything w/ lobster…c’mon folks. who doesn’t love lobster?!

then we both ordered the grilled platter, which ended up being way more than we can chew….literally!  it was a lot.  pretty good.  so, one pogi point to perze on this choice. cuz if it were up to me, we’d be in red lobster again.  i really also liked their corn hash, so did emma (after a couple bites). so ya, we’ll definitely come back…it’s not at the top of my list, but my belief in tex mex has been finally been restored.

what’s your favorite restaurant?

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