ahh spring, welcome!!

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it’s completely beautiful outside. what i love about our particular spot in the apartment development is this huge tree right outside the sliding windows that casts ample shade for us when we want to open the sliding glass doors and spend some time outside.  granted, it’s a very small area of grassy land, but being content of what we’re given, i’m thankful that we have this tree. 

sometimes during nice days, i open the doors and bring some comfy chairs outside so i can read while em runs and around.  it’s just one of those things i cherish- esp. now that zem LOVES to converse.  she’s so chatty so i love her curiosity. 

yesterday, we went out for a walk:


look how game she is. yes, i’m one of those moms who will leave her toddler on a tree for a photo…hahahaha…

she’s wearing a hello kitty shirt which she used as a cute conversation piece later on when she met a bunch of girls her age.  it was hilarious.   she used fashion as friendship starter…*laughs* oh man…i love how aggressive she is when it comes to socializing w/ kids her age.

i also taught her what a dandelion is.  these were always magical “flowers” to me when i was younger, so it was good to pass on some magic to my daughter. 


oh spring. how i love theeeeeeee…

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