AYW Red Origami Strapless Dress

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_5554652 i wore this to a cotillion since the theme was red and i had to co-emcee for the night. i wanted to match w/ the court, but not come in w/ a full length gown like her girls! so i found this little cute dress- like your typical little black dress- but in red.

it’s an AS YOU WISH origami strapless satin short dress w/ a full zipper in the back and elastic top back for extra ease.

it was however tweaked and original because of its not so typical pleated style, esp. in the skirt. there were hidden tucks within the main pleat, flaring out to a bubble hem. It was very fun to wear. Everyone complimented on it, from young to old, esp. my husband, so that really sealed the deal.

i wore it w/ my MK platform round toe pumps.

the only thing i didn’t like about it was that the top was a little loose so i had to keep pulling it up. This dress has elastic in the back which i thought would help me out in tightening around the top, but the elastic was more loose than tight. If you have reliable dress tape, it would have been perfect.

source: nordstrom
price: $60
status: own

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