Cheap Ethanol from ZeaChem by 2010

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You have got to watch this video. A company called ZeaChem, out of Menlo Park, California seems to have found the Holy Grail of bio fuels. The cool thing about this is that it employs a very old technology, using materials that can be found everywhere to produce something that we really need. Its pretty much fermentation of wood chips using a very common bacteria in order to produce ethanol. They are claiming that by 2010 they can start selling ethanol for 1.10 per gallon, SWEET!

Very nice right? Considering by June, average gas prices are going to hit around $4.50 per gallon. My only problem is that it uses wood chips, and wood chips come from where? thats right, trees! Am I missing something here? Ok, we stop using oil but to feed our ravenous hunger for power, we deplete trees instead. I might be going over the top here but, are we really boiling down our choices to either the arm or the leg?

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