After Hours

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One of my favorite shows recently is this show called After Hours with Daniel Boulud. He is a world renowned chef who gathers a bunch of friends and hang out at a certain restaurant “after hours”, which is usually after the restaurant closes for the night. They talk about everything; their day, how they started in the restaurant business, they talk of small things, big things, they just talk about life.

I need to have one of those After hours talk with a bunch of friends, Not necessarily about software testing but I guess something of similar passion. This is the one thing I miss when I’m here. Good friends and good conversation. Everyone is so far away here thats why, you’d have to commit to drive 2 hours round trip in order to do that.

I remember back in the day where a bunch of friends would just hang out at Cafe Linsu at the end of the day and talk about everything and anything. I guess growing up changed all that. We now have all these responsibilities, and ministries that we have to attend to and sometimes we forget that what we need sometimes is just good conversation over a cup of your favorite beverage.

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