WordPress 2.5 Upgrade

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I was wary about upgrading to WordPress 2.5 because it was a major upgrade. They did skip v2.4, don’t know why but don’t really care. The new version does have its perks. It now has a better Media Gallery. Easier upload interface based on a yahoo widget. You can find a sample of the gallery below, showcasing my little emma.

One other feature that I used to miss from Xanga was the ability to create Private posts. Well in this build you can totally do that now without it showing up in any of the feeds. You’d have to use the built-in editor for it though.

Thats it for now. I’m still exploring other multimedia capabilities only to find out that in order for me to create a more seamless user experience, I need plugins that would cater to those needs. WordPress 2.5.1 is on the wings to address some uploading issues specifically with IE7. I guess i’ll have to wait for that too.

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