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so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!  leica wide lens. today.

and sixtyfoursixteen.today:

by marchesa f.ababa

love cannot break
it constantly moves
like fire like water
not a stone or a boulder
but it is a foundation
that must be built upon
not follow the weather
and survive when novelty’s gone
it is a dance
with no need for music
no steps, unrehearsed
not coy, sans pretension
in its barest at its best
but it captivates
at its loudest
and grows intimate
in the most silent
it can stand alone
without equation
it is love when language ceases
and each letter of love decreases

and when love lingers
after my last breath
you’ll know that i had loved
that i loved my best


mahal. thank you for your dedication and unwavering love and care for emma and me.  i am very very blessed to live a life with someone who is passionate to love me and make me happy and loves having a family w/ me, despite my flaws.  you really help me be a better person.  God bless you mahal.

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