calvin klein strapless blush pleated dress

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so i went out today and found this dress. 

i immediately loved it because i honestly think that calvin klein dresses have this classic-ness to them, esp. w/ their very subtle cuts and hues.  this one is blush. bodice boning w/ rubber strip inside for a secure fit.  Pleating on the bodice to really give it that secure shape.  the skirt is a bit fun too with its tricky diamond pleating to create a big skirt for movement and flounce, made by cotton and spandex.  the style definitely screams calvin klein.  it’s very audrey, believe me.

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if you go to the high stores like nordstrom, they’re still selling it for $118.  it’s still being sold retail price, but guess how much i found it for?  $24.  yes…i said it. $24.  it was the only one on the rack, and in my size.  it caught my eye from afar and amidst all these other dresses. 

a lot of people ask me how i find dresses, esp. to be honest, i really don’t know.  but i love finding dresses for people…(but more when i find great dresses for me) … hahah

retail: $119
bought: $24

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