JW Tumbles Gym Class: "Tri-al, tri-al"

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that’s em. she’s getting ready for her first day at JW Tumbles Gym.  we went last night to go check it out after our first spring coldstone run and they had a pretty reasonable program.  she’ll go once a week to their program, with the opportunity to go 5x a week to Open Gym.  we also get discounts for guests and parties.

we took the opportunity to take their free trial early today.  I had to wake her up, and excitedly, she got ready, ate breakfast, and said goodbye to Gray, her stuffed dog (who she named after her ninang’s dog).  when we got to the gym, she was already set to run around without much hesitation.  although at first, during the initial introduction of the green rug activities she was quite shy, she started really warming up around everyone, even the workers.

it actually turned out to be a great time for her, and a time that i could observe some of her social flaws.  if there’s something you want you child you be, it’s to be respectful…it’s something my parents instilled in my siblings and me, so it’s something i need for em to learn.  i want em to have a competitive spirit but not feel that she has to be in competition with people in everything.  i want her to be the best of who she is and not try to be who everyone is without having to try to make everyone like her.  i just want her amicability to radiate naturally without her trying to get so much attention for herself.

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at the end of the session, she loved it and was saying goodbye to everyone! thanking the workers, the toddlers, mr.crab.  hahah…so what have we concluded after our trial period?  so far, the parents have claimed it’s better than other play places out there so the consideration as of now leans towards a positive yes!

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