vintage hot pink donna karan

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jan21dkdress1 so for this year’s valentine’s dinner, i bought this hot pink number.  i absolutely love it because 1- it’s vintage. and 2- it’s vintage.  it’s a vintage donna karan.  the cut screams a sexy jackie-o, and something audrey would wear if she went hot pink. the waist tapers right in the middle and flares out at the hips to show that God given curve.  the best feature though is the pockets, for those who just have no clue what to do with their hands during parties…like me…haha

jan21dkdress4it’s a great mini wiggle dress if you want to stray from the Aline dress that completely saturates the scene these days.  i wore it to a valentine’s dinner and received many compliments…and the color just pops out.  i wanted to bring the punk hot pink back…

i’m such a fan of vintage, so this was a great find!


source: ebay
retail: ??
status: own

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