blush pink shani silk dress

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_5582501 so with all the formal affairs this year, i get tempted to look at dresses, despite my husband’s friendly dismay.

i found this and was in love at first site. but as most often times, love at first site isn’t so realistic and you get up close and see it’s just not a good fit.  and that’s what this dress was- not a good fit!

with is subtle shimmer and cut, it’s perfect for me- being a huge fan of subtle hues of pink, an elongated waist and a huge flower to distract any lovely lady lumps.  this shani silk dress looks beautiful- if you get it altered!  having tried on a size 4, the chest was still too big for me, making the boned top look stiff while my upper body shifted and moved. also, with 5 layers of mesh under that wide hem, it didn’t look like this photo at all.  it looked like an 80’s dress gone wrong and protruded out too much for my taste. 

maybe if it was one more size smaller (great on my ego!)…not a size 2, but like a 3?! hahaha…a half size down maybe, with the overall length altered to my petite height, then maybe i’d reconsider. so conclusively? it’s a return…

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