hello kitty pillow

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zemhk i just wanted to archive a lot of zem’s favorite things at age 2 before she starts to gradually put them aside, only to resurface by memory. 

she cannot sleep without this hello kitty pillow when she’s at our home.  she’ll specifically ask for it and will only be appeased when it hugs her midsection. when we visited perze’s family in the phils. last november, she’d always use this pillowcase that her lola nene sewed.  so when we were leaving, her lola  wanted her to keep it as a reminder of her trip there…and ever since then, she’s really loved this pillowcase.

one time, i had to wash it.  when she saw that the pillowcase didn’t have a pillow in it, she cried so hard, thinking that it was broken.  i had to quickly stuff it w/ a pillow as i explained that i had to clean it. 

she loves it that much.  the only other stuffed object she’s affectionate to is Froggie (frog prince)- the first stuffed animal that her tatay bought for her.

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