coach loafers

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so i’m not that big of a coach fan. i don’t even own one coach bag. the only bags in their series that i could possibly want to own are their leather caramel totes.  they resemble english equestrian fashion, which has always attracted me- the white blouses, the browns and tans, and riding boots…etc.

but i found these online 2 months ago and loved them.  it’s probably because deep down, i’m still a lover of loafers, having once loved my burgundy penny loafers in the early 90s. hahah.  but these are very subtle- with a rich patent chocolate brown, patterned w/ their logo all over, yet not overtly out there for everyone to notice.  the one thing i do love is the oversized unnecessary bronze buckle! i’ve always felt buckles belonged on shoes…don’t ever ask why…and to top it, is the inside plaid design.  even the bottom sole is impressive.

the one downside? it’s not as comfortable as it looks.  there’s something towards the inner top of the shoe that pokes out, which makes it uncomfortable to walk in for long distances and prolonged time.

retail: $89
bought: $28
status: own

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