em’s funny poop story

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my daughter and i had a funny conversation about poop today.

i was changing her diaper (cuz she’s still being potty trained) when i asked her if she wanted to observe her feces.  ok…i’ll do it this way, folks:

me: do you want to see your poopoo?
em: no, i don’t want to see the poopoo.
me: why
em: because it’s yucky mamam.
me: c’mon, it’s YOUR poopoo.
em: no, mamam, it’s YUCKY!!!!

so there you have it…which brings me to my point. people don’t like to see what stinks about themselves, but people can see it and when we hold it to them, they want nothing to do with it.  but eventually, even if it’s indirect or sneaky, people can smell it and you end up looking bad instead.  you can’t really hide your poop even if you try to mask it.

this will prolly be a good lesson to teach emma one day, that’s why i’m archiving it, and all because of her poop story.

the end.

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