april ain’t foolin’ nobody

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so this year, we did the facebook relationship status announcing we were single again, thus breaking our marriage.  although very very few were concerned, most of our friends laughed at our joke.  this may be a good thing since they could never imagine we’d ever break up.  you know how sometimes you have a relationship and people around you think it’s not gonna work, whether it will or it won’t?  it’s good to know that people are a fan of the two of you together from the start.  even before we were a couple, the older people, the young people, and my friends in my church tried to pair us together, eventually, even my family was won over.  even from the first day perze and i met, people already knew it was an eventual match.  i still laugh with these friends about it…and thank those who’ve fostered it even during our friendship phase. i don’t regret taking that time that the people in my life got to know him first.

but our apologies for our april fool’s joke. we admit we have the propensity to play practical jokes on people…

yesterday, we called each other in the morning and i told him we were pregnant.  he shared the news that he was being sent to hong kong for his department in new york times.  i was a bit sad with his news and he was elated with mine…until we both laughed and said april fools. hahaha…the same minds, man.

anyways, all jokes aside, last weekend, my parents threw out perze’s almost tattered couch- his first ever couch that he bought in the states.  we gave it to them because they needed one, after throwing out their first ever couch as well that was from the 80’s.  for sentimentality’s sake, we took pictures that night before we went home. (thanks to, for taking our pic)

100_3277 100_3280

its cousin is still in our place…hahaha…awaiting its inevitable doom.

ps. i’ll post the blog about seph & steph’s weekend next time, once i get the stills.

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