starbucks macchiato truffles?? yum on the bum

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starbucks is finding new ways to caffienate us- again, but this time in the form of chocolates and truffles.  yes my (girl)friends, watch the thighs and skip the starbucks aisle.  so i bought it to test it out with a couple of friends while chatting up, and we all could only take one each because of its sweetness.  granted it tastes like the starbucks drink, but the truffle taste is great….i absolutely love truffles more than solid chocolate, so this was a treat.  i just don’t think i could take more than 2!

but today, i tried something new and plopped it right into my morning coffee, and it quickly melted, being my sugar substitute.  it was yummy! try it … if you can find it.

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