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very skeptical at first because you already know the plot line and sinker just by movie cover, but once you watch it, you learn to like its blunt cleverness in using sarcastic cheesiness of the typical fairytale and its perpetuated silliness of the lack of reality involved, like taxes or bodily emissions. i also liked the de-masculinity while still maintaining the hope that chivalry is not dead after all, yet also empowering the effectiveness of women in desperate times. i’ve always been one to scream at the female who spends countless times fainting or screaming when you have the usual circumstances of someone being eaten by a she-dragon.

the songs were palatable too, probably because of the distractions of colors, dancing, and subtle wit in the lyrics. it was an easy going movie, and that’s how it should be…but definitely a girly movie.

but emma even liked it, for the songs and over-capable chipmunk with more intelligence than the prince.

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