not a baby anymore

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have i showed you comparison pictures of my little baby? ok ok…not so much a baby anymore, but a sassy toddler?  look:

                                                      2 weeks | 2 yr. 8 mo.

hahahaha…funny ya? she got lighter, grew bangs, and sharpened that chin…hahah…oh. and don’t forget the immense sassy personality. she’s almost 3 ft., a toddler now, trying to talk in sentences which baffles us because it was only since november, months before, that she started building her vocab and speaking in very short phrases. now, she tries to insert articles and articulate her feelings like, "i’m mad" or "i’m sad, because i want lolo back" or the hilarious "mamam, calm down." can you imagine? hahahahah…no lie. when i hit lecture mode, she throws in the "calm down" card.

twelvesixteen readers
on other things, we just want to thank our twelvesixteen readers and friends.  in the time span of adding our counter on the main page, we’ve had over 200 unique visitors. we’ve started this project ever since we started dating, so it’s nice to finally make it our official and main blogger tool, as well as other things.  it’ll be funny to see emma blog on it one day…

have you looked around  i suggest the movie reviews if you like movies, or the review section in general…or our babyblog…

baby version 2.0?
also, way too many people have been asking both perze and me when our second child will be born: perze’s coworkers, our church, my friends, the pope, etc…  the answer is, let’s pray for it folks. give me some time to enjoy the fried foods…

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