easter weekend recap

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every weekend gets so busy, mostly family stuff and church stuff. although perze and i live an hour away from the activities, we continue to spend gas money on going back and forth.  and i don’t think it’s gonna end anytime soon this year, with all the parties, weddings, youth events, and church events.

100_3228 last weekend, after church we went to vietnam restaurant for my parents’ wedding anniversary. my mom has gained a liking to that restaurant so we treated them to lunch.  bubble tea. then ikea, since my brother is redecorating the main room in my rents’ house for future guests this year.  my mom’s family is visiting more often to the US, which wasn’t the case before.  so the room is getting major redecoration with new paint and furniture.  i’ve also been craigslisting a lot of the furniture to get some extra money for our old stuff, which is surprisingly selling…hahah

so ya. it was nice to take my parents out for easter day, which i firmly believe is meant for family. :-).

100_3190 that easter sunday was refreshing. we didn’t get to go to the sonrise service due to our sicknesses, esp. em’s need for rest.  but we did attend the cantata.  i was very blessed w/ the songs, esp. since most of them were familiar to me, from previous cantatas, and from the practices.  it was nice to hear them as a whole.  afterwards, many of the choir members asked me what i thought about the cantata since i’ve conducted before, thinking i was critical, but i have to be honest and i tell them that i enjoy listening to the choir as much as i do conducting it.  i know how much they work and practice, and when i listen, as much as i can pick up on the musicality, i really love the message. and many moments of the songs were so moving, the lyrics and powerful arrangement. when it comes to easter and christmas, just thinking about the beauty of Jesus and the grace given to us is so powerful in itself that these songs are just melodic reminders that trigger your mind and heart.  and that’s what these cantatas do…and that’s why i have such an appreciation for choral music.  the responsibility of the choir is to understand the piece and then convey it to the audience…and you can’t do that if it first doesn’t hit your heart.

Rejoice! our savior lives!

100_3213-1 i’m excited for em to discover the beauty of easter as she gets older.  i began to tell her the easter story of Jesus’ death and resurrection, but she just looks at me and responds by asking me to sing the funny ABC’s.  hahah.  she loves to sing!  she sings w/ the tv, sings to her toys, and is pretty good with remembering melodies.  to read more of em, just visit our babyblog.  next year, egg hunt!

she was sick this weekend, but she was all smiles nonetheless.
ps. thank  you Lola Ruth for the pink dress.

for more pictures of the weekend, click on our twelvesixteen photo gallery.

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