Zem’s first reading books.

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today, we read The Foot Book again by Dr.Seuss. 

i decided that I’m going to start teaching her words since she knows how to read her letters.  What’s good about this book is the repetitive words, esp. the word "foot."  It’s an easy visually constructed image w/ the two O’s.  So every time we stumble upon the word "foot," i try to slow down a little more and ask her to read it.  So now, she’s familiar w/ the image/word, as well as book.

So now, she knows how to read words such as her name EMMA, OK, YES, HELLO, FOOT, and BOOK.

But this is not the first book she knows how to read…hahah

She’s very fond of her first Hello Kitty Colors Book.  She learned that every page says "hello" and the color of the page, so it seems like she can read all of the colors when she just knows that the word relates to the color she sees.  So in reality, she just really knows how to read "hello" and she’s mastered all her colors.

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