mightier than me

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Mightier Than Me | m.f.a

i worship you my lord
with all that i am
with all the things that i can do
and all the things i can’t

i worship you my King
with all and everything
with the words i only know
how to offer you

i’m not the smartest man
i fall from where i stand
i fail with who I am
but with that i know

you’re mightier than me
you drown pain like a hungry sea
your love reaches farther still
until the strongest of will breaks down
you change hearts everyday
and your grace never changes
it stays the same and rearranges
someone, someone like me.


many times we tell others we’re praying for them to fix themselves, as if we’re doing them the favor and being the holy party, and we shift the blame without looking first that we may be wrong.  many times, we have to be honest with ourselves for change. i sometimes think that’s the hardest step- being honest w/ ourselves that we are wrong.

when we start thinking that satan doesn’t have any temptation over us and instead thinks it upon other people, there’s already looming danger with the thought of impermeability.  with every opportunity, we cannot be bloated with our will. 

we can’t make people surrender to God, but we are responsible for our own.

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