the weekend

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the weekend was nice.

n524150849_725608_8159 we ended up attending the musical of one of our youths, who attends CAPA in Philly.  her involvement consisted of being in the main cast, as the younger sister of Fiddler on the Roof, one of my favorite musicals.  in the past, she’s been asking me to come to her concerts and musicals, but having a baby/toddler is a little constricting when it comes to nightly schedules/outings. this time, she had a bigger part, so she really wanted us to come see her perform, so we made it a point to attend.  it ended up being a fun night for perze and i, since we’re fans of the musical anyway.  so congrats tey!

today was enjoyable, having been able to attend the sermon.  usually, i would be downstairs taking care of the toddlers, but with the newly created volunteer schedule, someone else took care of zem.  she had much initial hesitance and resistance, but she pulled through and stayed downstairs under someone else’s care, and i was able to hear the sermon about the crucifixion and the medical aspects surrounding Christ’s death, prior his resurrection.

yb youth was nice since i got to attend the bible study, under rogie.  they’re studying the book of samuel, specifically the ark of the covenant during that time. afterwards, as usual, we just get to chill and talk about life stuff and events.  i miss this since the past sundays, i’ve been helping out w/ the choir for the upcoming easter cantata.

i’m really impressed w/ these young people. they continue to really stay committed to the youth group, the studies, and the activities, even though they’re so busy w/ their schedules and other ministries.  we’ve really gotten to the point where they’re consistent w/ their involvement and attendance.

well that was the weekend. i’ll blog next time about my nephew who we visited last week.

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