"thank you Jesus for outside."

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i want to write this down before i forget it, which is many times the case.

today, i rearranged zem’s room all by myself since perze was at work.  it was a pretty big feat, but zem was with me, asking me questions as to what i was endeavoring. when i finally finished, i lied down on the sofa, and she quiet sat with me, seemingly fatigued from watching me sweat. it was a quiet moment…the moments that usually fade in and fade out without much pomp or blare, but we were facing the window that framed the setting sunshine. 

she said, "look mamam. the sun outside."
i said, "yes, baby, the sun is outside."
she said, " it’s so pretty mamam."

she added, "thank you Jesus, for outside."

those are the moments you wished you could videotape with your eyes and upload onto your computer to show the people you love, including her in twenty years. i thought about one particular question that they ask you on that show, Actor’s Studio, "what is your favorite word?"  out of the top drawer of favorite words like "grace," "love," "Jesus," "mahal," "believe," is the word, "mama."  i’ve gained such an appreciation for that word, for that idea, and its manifested role.  it’s such a gift of grace…to have moments like the one i mentioned. and it’s really yours to own and keep. it’s personal and quiet…

thank you jesus, for your moments of quiet grace.

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