La Vie en Rose

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La Vie en Rose (La Mome)

La Vie en Rose (La Mome)

you’ll know I like a movie when i Google it afterwards like a stalker. and yes, this movie made me stalk 1- Edith Piaf and 2- Marion Cotillard.

the only known facts i previously had of edith piaf were those that were taught at my highschool french class- and of course the well known song "La Vie En Rose" which is one of my favorite jazz standard songs (although not her version).   So the movie filled me in on so much of the sadness of her life, her popularity. i question if she really believed her life to be "une vie en rose" despite the heartaches.

biography aside, the acting was superb. marion Cotillard definitely deserved the best actress Oscar. she was compelling- being able to act a range of not only age, but maturity as piaf gains social popularity.  I’m such a big fan for biography movies, and this one did it right- without trying too hard to present the drama and over-exaggerating the facts, although yes, there were moments of fantastical imagery.

i highly recommend this movie, esp. for piaf fans, jazz fans, french fans, and good movie fans.

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