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i check twelvesixteen analytics from time to time and try to understand what people are up to when they visit our site. one interesting fact is that the number 2 source of traffic on our site are referrals by facebook, it probably comprises 30% of all traffic. Another cool thing that it can see is what people are typing in search engines that returned our site. Here are 3 of the 73 search words.

  1. twelvesixteen
  2. bica cheia
  3. cherry blossom branch lights

Of course we have the occasional stalkers that look for marchesa or myself, but the one thing that really made me curious was this particular keyword;


looks more like a hashed dna sequence than a keyword. What surprises me even more is that whoever the searcher was, he was able to visit our site using that particular keyword. Seriously, if you use standard 1024 bit RSA decryption on that text sequence, it says "Mulder and Scully wuz here"

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