the sarah grace project

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i’m really proud of one particular make over.  she’s very special to me so it was such a pleasure making her over, getting her pictures taken, and finishing her photos on the computer.  we had a photo shoot because i was commissioned to make her debut invites. 

my brother, freddie (who is great at photography) and i collaborated with the shot. [we also teamed up to do our friends’ engagement shots (check out their engagement album)]. he’s very good w/ the lighting/perspective.  i did her make up, hair, and clothes, as well as the direction for the shoot.  then afterwards, i went to the computer and photo finished it, which is a bit tedious. luckily, my brother’s photography was already great that i didn’t have to do too many crazy tricks.

so here she is, the before and after:

n10510072_31838306_1840 sarah01

i really have to give it to her thought, for being so game for my ridiculous directions.  for such an introverted humble person, she ended up taking a fierce picture.  but one thing about sarah, is that she’s beautiful inside and (obviously) out, and that’s rare to find in a lady these days.

a lot of people asked me where we took the picture. can you guess?

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