Zem’s new hairdid

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i hardly go to get my hairdid for haircuts cuz most of the time, i end up fixing what they’ve done wrongly.  i play alot with my own hair, and have been known to give some haircuts here and there to some of the youth girls, esp. their bangs.

this goes the same for my daughter.  as my dad used to cut our hair, I’ve gotten used to cutting em’s hair too.  plus it’s good to practice now, so when she gets older, hopefully i’ll only get better. plus, i’ve found it pretty good to save money every two months when normally people go get their hair did. 

this time, i gave em straight cut long bangs to frame her face, while the sides are long and wavy:

photo photozemhairdid2 photozemhairdid

isn’t she cute? no more hair on her eyes…

watch out for more make-overs…

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