Introducing Sephin Ng

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n524150849_673300_1581I’m so proud to announce the birth of my 2nd nephew. 

Thursday, my sister and kuyasam called in the morning asking me if I wanted to come over.  Now being that the drive is over 2 hours, I was hesitant.  But when they informed me that my sister’s water broke, I quickly arranged the trip and prepared Emma for the weekend.  With Perze having work the next day, it was just Em and I on the road.  That night, after having visited them at the hospital, I took care of Em and her cousin Samsam alone, waiting for the awaited phonecall. 

He arrived 2 weeks early on a snowy day in NY.  It was a normal delivery, praise God.  My sister had no complications, and he came out healthy and extremely handsome, with many similar features as his older brother- Samsam [butt chin and butt tongue].  So presenting:

Sephin Chi Hang Ng
5 lbs. 13 oz. | 18.5 inches
February 21, 2008

They named him after my sister Stephanie, since his older brother was named after my brother-in-law, Sam.  So Sam and Seph w/ their parents Sam and Steph. 😀 .  So far he’s such a well behaved baby, sleeping and eating well.  And so far, Kuya Samsam has been very caring, calling him ‘Baby’. 


Thank you God for being w/ my sister during the pregnancy and labor…and for being with baby Sephin…and for keeping kuya sam sane to help support my sister.  Praise God for his beautiful creation.

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