The Jane Austen Book Club

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The Jane Austen Book Club

The Jane Austen Book Club

i honestly recommend this movie to those who’ve read 4/6 of jane austen’s books, because you’ll recognize the witticism of the writing and subtle plot lines with your familiarity w/ jane novels. but if you haven’t, you should still give the movie a try because the dramas of different love stories try to be representations of the austen themes, giving you a good explanation that austen-ism isn’t completely dead after all. the complications of love transcends time and culture.

what i liked about this movie was the dialogue of austen’s novels between different perspectives and experiences, and not just a historic scholarly perspective, but more relatable and personal. it was fun to hear the dialogue about austen’s brilliant characters, and guessing which woman represented each of austen’s heroines.

The movie was subtle, but dynamic. It worked because of all the subplots culminating into one commonality- jane austen.

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