becoming jane

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Becoming Jane

Becoming Jane

anne hathaway bored me, being supposedly the heroine, and representing jane austen. she’s pretty, sure, but her accent was unconvincing, and she just didn’t seem to transcend to the story’s time. i also thought a lot of the story tried TOO hard to embody Jane’s Pride and Prejudice, but failing horribly and became a mere boring shadow of austen’s novel.

it just failed to portray what jane austen wrote about…the romance between the two just didn’t seem to deliver the restraint, and passion. the direction wasn’t convincing, and anne hathaway just didn’t convey it well. she lacked the complexity of her character and probably the maturity.

i really wanted to like this movie…but it was a disappointment. go see Jane Austen Book Club instead- or the other movies based on austen’s novels. This one lacked the bite.

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